Level 500

VCLS 518: Field Practice IV

Field practice of six weeks duration in clinics and abattoir and livestock movement control posts.  Inspection visits shall  be conducted to such places by lectures and co-ordinators to assess student’s participation.

VCLS 516: Theriogeneology Clinics I

Clinical training of students with emphasis on the handling of gaenecological cases, treatment of infertility in animals.  Instrumentation, Microscopy, Pregnancy diagnosis.

VCLS 514: Public Health and Preventive Medicine Clinics I

Record keeping in veterinary clinics.  Hospital practices, ethics and hospital administration.  Clinics and practical training of students in handling of vaccines, vaccination techniques in cattle and other ruminants, poultry, dogs and cats.  Diseases preventive measures in domestic animal species.  Meat inspection practical zoonotic disease detection techniques.

VCLS 513: Surgery Clinics I

A course covering the first and second semester in which hospital cases are used to instruct the student in diagnosis and management of surgical diseases of small and large animals.

VCLS 511: Medicine Clinics I

Clinical and practical training of students with emphasis on the handling and examination of animals, including the introduction to patient care and hospital practices including the clinical exposures and management of disease outbreaks.

VCLS 512: Zoonoses and Environmental Health

Concepts, definitions and classifications of zoonoses.  Studies on specific bacterial, viral, bedsonia, rickettsial, protozoan and fungal zoonoses with emphasis on prevention, early detection, control and eradication.  Ecology, water sources and purification, waste disposal, public health significance of rodents, birds, flies and mosquitoes.  Environmental pollution and control.  Occupational health.

VCLS 510: Theriogenology

Functions and clinical examination of female reproductive organs of large animals; puberty and sexual reproductive hormones and glands; oestrous cycle processes of copulation, fertilization and gestation; anomalies of foetal development (including genetic and acquired causes)  Oogenesis disturbances of ovulation and nidation. Causes of infertility and sterility in female animals.  Diseases influencing sexual functions.  Udder health.  Small Animal reproduction; pseudo pregnancy, different methods of pregnancy detection; contraception. 

VCLS 508: Surgical Diseases

Clinical features, investigative procedures, treatment options and prognosis of common surgical conditions in small and large animals; congenital anomalies, trauma, non-neoplastic lumps, neoplasia, obstructions, displacements, degenerations and fluid leakage.

VCLS 506: Orthopaedic Surgery

Fractures and bone repair, orthopaedic examination of the patient, reduction and fixation of fractures; orthopaedic nursing; diagnosis and treatment of fractures of long bones, pelvis, spine and skull; diagnosis and treatment of lameness in horses, cattle, sheep and pigs; Management of infections, nutritional and neoplastic bones diseases; joint diseases.

VCLS 515: Wildlife and Aquatic Animals Medicine

Fish anatomy, physiology, microbiology, parasitology, pathology and medicine.  Fish ecology and nutrition.  Capture, restraint and handling of live-trapped animals.