Eistine Boateng

Assistant Lecturer
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Assistant Lecturer in Veterinary Gross Anatomy, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ghana. He obtained a Master of Philosophy degree in Anatomy, University of Ghana Medical School, in 2011. He is currently doing his PhD in Molecular Cell biology of the lung, University of Giessen, Germany, where he is investigating the role of Peroxisomes in Pulmonary fibrosis.

Research areas covered were in the field of Anthropometry and endocrinology.

Current Publications

   Boateng E., Addai F.K., Hottor B.A. (2012). Sexually Dimorphic Anthropometric Measurements and Testosterone/Oestrogen Ratios in Young Adult Ghanaians Clinical Anatomy 25:918–928.

Other Publications

A.    The Recovery (novel, science fiction).

B.    Poster presentation, 7th Annual conference of the International Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences, Germany.