Prof. George K. Aning

Associate Professor
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Associate Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Acting Dean (2009-2014) at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ghana.  He obtained the DVM degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1975) and Ph.D degree from the University of Liverpool, UK (1982).  He has conducted considerable research in the area of prevention of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry.  These include comparing heat-stable and conventional Newcastle Disease vaccines in their efficacy in protecting commercial and local chickens, and vaccination strategies against Infectious Bursal Disease in Ghana.

He is currently a Co-investigator on the University of Ghana Team, which with other research teams in the University of California, Davis (USA), Iowa State University (USA) and Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania) are undertaking a 5-year research project for “Improving Food Security in Africa by Enhancing Resistance to Disease and Heat in chickens”.  It is USAID funded.


Five (5) Current Publications

  1. Adwoa Asante-Poku, Kwame G. Aning, Bashiru Boi-Kikimoto, Dorothy Yeboah-Manu (2014)  Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in a dairy cattle farm and a research farm in Ghana Onderstepoort J Vet Res; Vol 81, No 2, 6 pages. doi: 10.4102/ojvr.v81i2.716
  2. Kwawukume A.A.,K.G.Aning., J.A.Awuni, H.Otsyina and B. Awumbila(2013). “The effects of Azodirochta indica (Neem) leaf on white blood cell count and the immune response of chickens vaccinated with Newcastle Disease Vaccine.” International Journal Curr.Sci.7E 23-31
  3. H.R.Otsyina.,J.Amakye-Anim.,A.Osei-Somuah and K.G.Aning (2012). “Improving the control of Gumboro disease in Commercial Poultry in Ghana: Viral isolation and Vaccine Trial studies. Journal of Commonwealth Veterinary Association. 28(1)18-22.
  4. Aning,K.G.,Otsyina,H.R.,Amakye-Anim J and Osei-Somuah A.A. (2011). ”A vaccination regime against very virulent infectious Bursal Disease in commercial chickens in Ghana”. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science 44: 25-31
  5. H.R.Otsyina., J.Amakye-Anim.,K.G.Aning and A.Osei-Somuah (2009). “An Epidemiological study of outbreaks of Gumboro Disease in Ghana in 2002-2003. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Vol.42, 141-147.


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