VPCS 411: Systemic Pathology I

Systemic or special pathology is the application of the basic changes that have been learnt in general pathology to the various body systems or various specific diseases.

The theoretical part of special pathology should cover pathological changes taking place in the various organ systems of the body (circulatory, haemopoietic, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, musculo-skeletal, and endocrine).  The studies here should take note of non-infectious (teratogenic deficiencies, metabolic, traumatic, toxicological) and infectious diseases (bacterial, viral, mycoplasma, fungal and other parasitic diseases).

The practical aspects of special pathology will consist of collection of pathological samples of the systems studied from slaughter houses, examining the samples grossly and diagnosing the causes.  Studies will also be taken through histopathology of diseases affecting the various organs systems.

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