Welcome Message

I welcome you to the School of Veterinary Medicine in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at the University of Ghana. As a School of Veterinary Medicine we strive to stand out as unique in providing quality education, research and commitment to service. We will do these driven by these keywords: INSPIRE, EMPOWER, ASPIRE, ATTAIN. We will inspire through leadership by example. We will empower through teamwork. We will aspire to occupy the pole position in veterinary medicine in Ghana and beyond through scholarly achievement in teaching, research, human capacity building and community engagement. We will attain by adopting appropriate and relevant measures defined through teamwork and prudent management of resources. We are committed to educating students in the art and science of veterinary medicine, encouraging critical and analytical thinking and preparing students for life-long learning and professional growth in veterinary medical practice. On behalf of my colleagues and the students at the School of Veterinary Medicine, I invite you to be part of this experience. We are deeply grateful to all whose ambition and support for this programme has brought us thus far. Let’s join together as partners and stakeholders to inspire young minds for lifelong education!