Working time:Monday - Friday: 08 AM - 05 PM

Find us:University of Ghana Campus, Legon, Accra

The mandate of the SVM is to train and equip veterinary professionals to manage, control and prevent diseases of livestock, companion animals or pets, wildlife, or exotic animals and in addition, to prevent and control diseases which are transmissible from animals to humans.



The specific objectives of the SVM are as follows:

  • To train Veterinary Surgeons who will recognize and adequately treat diseases of livestock and companion animals in Ghana, thereby promoting the health and well-being of these animals.


  • To train Veterinary Surgeons who will carry out disease surveillance, control and prevention of diseases of animals including those of wild animals and to prevent epidemics.


  • To train Veterinarians who will carry out research at the highest level in biomedical research institutions in Ghana and worldwide.


  • To train Veterinarians who will be able to accurately detect, control and prevent diseases of animals which are transmissible to humans and thus prevent epidemics of such diseases and promote human health and wellbeing.


  • To provide basic training in Veterinary Sciences as a pre-requisite for those wishing to undertake postgraduate training and specialization in various medical, veterinary and scientific fields.


  • To help stimulate local development of drugs and vaccines through research.