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Swearing-In And White Coat Ceremony
Thursday, August 17, 2023


On July 21, 2023, the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ghana held its 2022/2023 Swearing-In and White Coat ceremonies.

The event took place in the Seminar Room of the Balme Library with the theme, "One Health; Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

in the Veterinary Profession."

The White Coat Ceremony is traditionally organized to mark the transition of fourth-year students into their Clinical years, symbolizing their

entry into practical veterinary education. On the other hand, the Swearing-In ceremony is designed for the graduating class, formally

inducting them into the professional veterinary body.

Dr. Hope Richard Otsyina, the Acting Dean of the school, delivered a concise welcome address and introduced the chairperson for the

ceremony. Dr. Helena N. B. Acquah, a highly experienced female veterinarian with extensive years of service in the field, chaired the

program. Delivering her address, Dr. Acquah offered valuable advice to the students, emphasizing the importance of diligence in their

future veterinary practice.


To set the tone for the first part of the ceremony, Dr. Hope Richard Otsyina expressed appreciation for the generous contribution of 55

stethoscopes by Dr. Andy Quarcopoome. This donation is intended to benefit the upcoming three batches of White Coaters within the school.

Dr. Otsyina encouraged both alumni and friends of the school to follow the commendable example set by Dr. Quarcopoome and his family.

The Ag.Dean introduced the white coat recipients to all present and then invited Dr. Andy Quarcopoome to clothe each student with a

white coat, an emblem of their commitment to medical professionalism. Additionally, each student was provided with a stethoscope, a tool

to aid in their clinical education. Following this, the students collectively recited the veterinary oath, which was officiated by Dr. Hope Richard


Outstanding students who had demonstrated excellence throughout their academic journey (from level 100-300) were honoured with

awards and citations. Notably, Mr. Gabriel Nii Attoh Armah, a fourth-year student, garnered eight awards in recognition of his exceptional

achievements and was rightfully acknowledged as the top-performing student overall. In representing his peers, he conveyed their

collective gratitude and commitment to uphold the core values of their chosen profession.


The second part of the ceremony centered on the official induction of the freshly graduated doctors from the 2022/2023 academic year

into the veterinary profession following six years of rigorous training. The Ag.Dean took the opportunity to introduce these newly minted

veterinarians to the audience and representatives of the Veterinary Council of Ghana. The chairperson of the Veterinary Council, Dr. Jonathan

Amakye-Anim presided over the swearing-in ceremony and administered the oath to the new doctors. Speaking on behalf of the recently

graduated doctors, Dr. Kingsley Kwabena Amoako conveyed their sincere appreciation to all the stakeholders who had offered their support.

He made a resolute commitment to actively participate in upholding the esteemed reputation and reverence of the veterinary profession.

The proceedings ended with the newly minted veterinarians formally appending their signatures on the register of the Veterinary Council

of Ghana.


The Chairperson, Dr. Helena Acquah then offered her final remarks, drawing the event to a close. The significance of the ceremony,

symbolized a pivotal milestone for both the students and the recently inducted veterinarians as they embarked on their journey within the

realm of Veterinary Medicine.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Kingsley Aryee, Registrar, Ghana Veterinary Council, Dr. Sherry Johnson, Senior Lecturer, SVM, Dr.Richard

Dery Suu-Ire, Senior Lecturer, SVM,  Mrs. Susana Otu-Amoah Ofori, the School Administrator, staff of the school, students, and families

of the students.

                                                                      A cross-section of participants at the ceremony


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