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Group picture of the freshers
Friday, March 8, 2024

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) usually organises orientation ceremonies for freshmen to help them settle in quickly in the school and this year was no exception. The programme was held on Monday March 4, 2024, at the anatomy lab with all 26 freshmen attending. The Acting Dean of the school together with the School Administrator officially welcomed the level 100 students to the school.

The programme started with a brief introduction of school management present and students alike followed by a short remark from the dean. In his speech, The Acting Dean, Dr Richard Hope Otsyina emphasised the need for the students to be committed and focused on their studies and encouraged them to give much attention to their books in their academic pursuit.

The Acting Dean shed more light on the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programme and the veterinary practice. In his speech, he acknowledged the challenges and the extensive duration of the programme however he encouraged them that through hard work it was possible to successfully complete it.

Dr. Otsyina then elaborated on the school’s academic structure which is divided into the basic sciences stage, the para-clinical stage, and the clinical stage and how one can only become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine after completing these stages. He entreated the students to be disciplined, warned them against truancy and counselled them on the importance or resilience, focus and commitment to succeeding in the challenging programme.

The Acting Dean then provided insights into the diverse career opportunities and benefits available to veterinary doctors including the military and law enforcement agencies and research institutions.

Adding to the numerous pieces of advice from The Acting Dean, the school administrator told them not to abuse the freedom they now have in the university but rather channel it to living responsible lives on campus. She then introduced them to the various associations of the school including Ghana Veterinary Medicine Students Association and Christian Veterinary Fellowship. She encouraged them to frequently visit the school’s website for information as their academic journey requires of them. Mrs Ofori reminded the freshers to remain focused and help one another instead of making it a competition. She admonished them to take their studies seriously and ensure that they graduate together as a class. During the question-and-answer session, most of the questions the students had were addressed.

There was a tour of the school’s facilities including the Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH) led by Maureen, the administrative assistant for SATH. The students were introduced to the equipment and resources they would be utilising in their academic journey.

As the level 100 students set out on their journey in the School of Veterinary Medicine, the wise words of The Acting Dean and the school administrator will prove to be pivotal to the students by ensuring that they have a clear roadmap of the task ahead.

In attendance were Senior Administrative Assistant for SVM, Miss Esaaba Korsah and National Service Personnel, Ahmed Boabae.