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Generous Donation Enriches Learning Environment at Small Animal Teaching Hospital
Thursday, February 8, 2024

In a recent meeting that took place at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH) on the 17th of January 2024, a wave of philanthropy surged, bringing with it transformative developments and a tangible commitment to elevate the educational landscape.

The School’s Administrator, Mrs. Susana Otu Amoah Ofori, gave a brief account on the history and background of the School of Veterinary Medicine. Providing insight into the student population and day-to-day activities of the school. She made emphasis on how the kind gesture of the generous donors; Mr. Sarpong and Dr. Mrs Kathryn Sarpong from Texas, Dr Kyei and parents Mr. and Mrs. Sarpong, will enhance and facilitate smooth teaching and learning.

The acting coordinator, Dr. Ayodeji Oni shed light on the operations of the Small Animal Teaching Hospital, a multifunctional teaching hospital that has trained and continues to train some of the best Veterinary Doctors in the country and beyond. A hospital that serves the community by rendering an extensive array of healthcare to animals and students to learn and gain valuable knowledge and experience. He then proceeded to give insights into the day-to-day operations of SATH and the equipment that make the delivery of premium animal healthcare possible. 

In an engaging interactive session, Dr. Mrs Kathryn Sarpong expressed profound curiosity about common viruses and cases that have been encountered at SATH. Parvoviruses amongst other cases of viruses, was found to be one of the most common cases of viruses encountered. The response however did not go without the assurance of the fact that the hospital was more than capable of handling any case should it arise thanks to the seasoned doctors, experienced consultants and dedicated staff who are always ready to serve. The acting coordinator reiterated that being capable of handling any case is also because the Small Animal Teaching Hospital uses ultramodern equipment which ensure maximum efficiency and delivery. He then solicited for more modern equipment which will play a vital role in teaching and learning by augmenting what the school already has.

The School Administrator received the books on behalf of The Acting Dean and then handed them over to the library assistant and expressed gratitude for the kind gesture. Discussions unfolded on the optimal utilization of these resources, with plans to project the eBooks in lecture rooms, enhancing the learning experience for the next generation of veterinarians.

After the donation, followed a tour of the facility which allowed them to witness firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, and the positive impact their philanthropy will have on veterinary education in Ghana.

Adding a dynamic touch to the tour, donors were treated to a unique experience, witnessing some of the house officers in action, actively nursing animals back to health. This hands-on demonstration offered a tangible glimpse into the dedication and practical skills cultivated within the Small Animal Teaching Hospital.

As the Small Animal Teaching Hospital evolves, the recent philanthropic gesture ensures a bright future. Mrs. Susana Otu Amoah Ofori expressed deep gratitude to the donors, emphasizing the profound and lasting impact their contribution will have on shaping the next generation of veterinary professionals.

In conclusion, this recent philanthropic act serves as a beacon of support for the advancement of veterinary practice. The School of Veterinary Medicine and the Small Animal Teaching Hospital looks ahead to a promising future, enriched by the collaborative efforts of its community.

In attendance were the library assistant Mrs Janet Abass, Dr Kyei, and the parents of Mr. Sarpong, Dr and Mrs Sarpong.